Mental Health & Well-Being

In any given year, one in five people in Canada are living with a mental illness. Mental illness ranges in form and severity, and can affect anyone at any time. Mental health problems and illnesses vary widely, and some issues are more common than physical illnesses. Several mental illnesses include: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Schizophrenia.

Everyone has mental health, and our mental health influences how we think, feel, communicate, and tackle the daily challenges of life.

Often people struggling with mental illness avoid getting help because they believe they will be judged (stigma), or that they might be able to “get over it” on their own. The reality is that mental illness should be taken just as seriously as physical illness, and there are a great deal of programs, services and resources available to help support them.

At The Kettle Society, we meet people wherever they are at in their journey towards health, wellness, recovery, and well-being. We offer support, a helping hand, resources/referrals, or simply a safe space to come in from the outdoors and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Having positive mental health is a contributing factor to physical health and an overall sense of well-being.

#ShareHope over the holidays!

COVID-19’s global outbreak has impacted all of our lives. It’s been devastating for each vulnerable person who doesn’t have a warm place to self-isolate, a safe place to sleep, family to support them or a hot meal.

Your compassion can transform the lives of people living with mental illness, substance use, poverty, and/or homelessness. Your support will provide life-changing services to people at their most vulnerable moments.

Vulnerable people need us now more than ever.

Please use the secure form below or connect with us via email at to donate.


will provide new socks & blankets for five vulnerable people.


or $20/per month

will provide six healthcare workers with the goggles, disposable gown & mask they need.


will provide one month of free showers for one vulnerable person.


or $42/per month

will provide someone who is at-risk of homelessness with temporary accommodation.


will provide one day of food for thirty malnourished people.


or $125/per month

will provide fifty hygiene kits for our homeless outreach program.

“Most people wanted to kick me to the curb & here they accept me as a human being.”

– Kettle member

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Most of all, provides significant long-term impact. Your monthly gift will help to create an invaluable resource of sustained funding for our organization. Consistent contributions allow us to reduce expenditures and plan ahead for long-term projects that truly change the lives of thousands of vulnerable people in our community.

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Including charitable giving within your will also comes with significant tax advantages. A charitable will bequest can reduce taxes owing once passed away. This results in an increase of the inheritances to loved ones.

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Donate items

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Items as simple as a beloved sweater or a pair of shoes can empower someone with confidence and quality of life. We accept donations of food, clothing, outdoor living supplies, hygiene items, and other items all year round, free of charge.

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