Our leadership

Nancy Keough

Nancy Keough, Executive Director

Nancy has been a force in the field of client-centered mental health services for 40 years.

Born and raised in Montreal, Nancy’s first career work began as a Social Worker, and in 1978 she started work at The Kettle. She has grown The Kettle Society without losing its character, steering it from its grassroots to a 14 million dollar operation that empowers not only clients, but staff, volunteers and the larger community.

The Kettle Society, under Nancy’s leadership, continues to be a place of friendship, recovery and belonging – a place where you are accepted for who you are and are free to make the changes you want to make in your life.

Ken Paquette

Director of Community Services

Ken was born in Winnipeg, and has lived in Vancouver for over 40 years.

He began working at The Kettle in 1990 as a Mental Health Worker, and has held roles managing the Mental Health Drop-in and Advocacy program before becoming the Director of Community Services. In his nearly 30 years at The Kettle, the people he has met continue to be the most cherished part of his career.

Ken is currently a representative to the Grandview-Woodland Stakeholder Advisory Group and Area Service Team, as well as a liaison with The Commercial Drive and East Village Business Improvement Association, and the Britannia Planning Housing sub-committee. He has recently taken up piano lessons, and loves Vancouver because the temperature never gets to 40 below.

Janet Smith

Director of Housing Services

Janet has over 25 years of experience working in supportive housing and development, but her career didn’t begin in non-profit.

Janet’s background is in business, and she spent the first part of her career as a manager of a fabricating company where she designed a variety of tanks, specializing in propane tanks. Wanting to make a transition into work that helped people, she got her first non-profit job as a manager for a small non-profit housing society in the Interior.

In her 20 years as our Director of Housing Services, Janet has helped to secure $33 million in operating funds for our supportive housing building, Taylor Manor, and secured the 1134 Burrard Project, which is now Kettle on Burrard. Outside of work, Janet enjoys walking her dog and spending time in nature, especially on rainy days, and gardening.

Director of Development & Communications

Talia has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with some incredibly talented and compassionate people throughout her career. With over a decade of agency, client, non-profit and for-profit experience within top-tier organizations spanning a wide variety of industries, she’s rooted in providing holistic solutions with mutual benefit and aligned purpose.

Having led portfolios for Sexual Assault Services, Save the Children, MedicAlert, WE (Free the Children), Distress Centres, and Starlight Children’s Foundation to name a few, she’s spent her career immersing herself in driving support to help empower vulnerable people. Her fundamental belief is that each and every person deserves the opportunity to have a loving community supporting their journey to discovering the best in themselves.

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Honourary board members

Tamara Taggart

Tamara Taggart

The Kettle’s first Honorary Board Member after six years as a Kettle Director. She is a committed community volunteer, sitting on several Boards throughout the Lower Mainland. She is happy to be making a positive difference with The Kettle in this capacity.

Suzanne Jean

Suzanne Jean

Suzanne has 40+ years of experience in organization/project management in the social service field. She contracts with government and social service agencies on quality assurance, policy development, program evaluation, and training and program development strategies. Suzanne also administers Fit4Defense, an assertiveness training program designed to address violence prevention and increase empowerment for children and youth.

Board of directors

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson, Past Chair

Jonathan has over twenty years of experience as a chartered accountant with companies in the manufacturing and technology sectors and also has a corporate director’s designation. He currently is the Chief Financial Officer of The Feldman Group in Vancouver.

Marilyn Marchment

Marilyn launched big think in 2000 to create an agency that puts thinking at the centre of its practice and the client relationship ahead of all else. big think is not looking to be the biggest; we are focused on being the best.

Marilyn’s evolution from a strict communication space into business strategy and organization development has resulted in an infusion of theory, best practice and hands-on experience from multiple disciplines. Breaking apart complex issues and finding answers; bringing diverse positions together toward sustainable outcomes; and developing clear visions, strategies, process and strong, productive teams is what Marilyn loves to do. Marilyn serves clients in both the public and private sectors.

Marilyn holds a BA in English and Sociology and a graduate certificate in Public Relations.

Cliff Grant

Cliff Grant

Cliff Grant is an educator from the Haisla Nation at Kitamaat Village, BC. Cliff is midway through his MBA and has utilized his Bachelor of Education to teach adults both in a university and community setting and has developed and taught programs at both University of BC as well as Simon Fraser University. He has held positions with the City of Vancouver as an Aboriginal Planner on the housing front and with BC Hydro in HR and Business Development.

Currently, as the Manager of Education and Employment for the Haisla Nation Council, he is busy in preparations for the $40B LNG Canada project slatted for his community. He fosters a culture that values authentic relationships, focuses on innovation, strength based approaches and cultural diversity.

Trevor Stokes

Trevor Stokes

Trevor Stokes has been a teacher for 28 years. Under his leadership the Streetfront Alternative Program has become a world leader in motivating and inspiring at-risk students. Their internationally celebrated marathon program (largest high school marathon program in the world) and the Street2Peak Project (Canada’s largest field study) are hallmarks of this. Trevor believes that anyone can learn and grow if they are supported and believed in. He brings to the Kettle Society decades of community activism and an optimistic outlook on the world.

Indranil Guha

Indra Guha, Secretary/Treasurer

Indra has over 15 years of progressive experience in working with multinational organizations in different countries and has had roles in sales leadership, project management and business strategy. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from UBC and is currently the Vice-President at RBC Commercial Banking. Indra is passionate about serving for the compelling cause of Kettle Society, and is deeply involved in many charitable and non-profit organizations in Lower Mainland.

Tamara Little

Tamara Little, Chair

Tamara launched Coast Communications to build on 20 years of experience in corporate communications, public affairs and government relations, including 8 years at Canada’s top two public relations and public affairs firms (H&K, NATIONAL Public Relations), and 11 years in public service advising Ministers and Mayors in B.C. municipal and provincial governments. Tamara provides full service communications and public affairs support to her clients, drawing on her team of Associates at Coast Communications.

Tamara is a trained Anthropologist, and has an honours Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in Anthropology from UBC, focused on BC First Nations. She is President of the Public Affairs Association of Canada BC Chapter.

Sarah Corrigall-Brown, Vice-Chair

Sarah is Associate General Counsel at the British Columbia Securities Commission. Previously, she was senior legal counsel in the Capital Markets Regulation division of the Commission, advising on policy development. Prior to joining the Commission, Sarah was a commercial litigator.

Brian Wheatley

Brenda Lea Brown

Brenda-Lea is a strategic business communicator with vast experience applying market research insights to award-winning public-interest advertising. In a long career as a corporate writer, editor, facilitator, and thought partner, she has used her knack for unpacking complex issues to transform communications challenges into effective, results-driven business solutions. Her most recent full-time role was as Senior Strategist | Research & Marketing at the BC Securities Commission, from which she retired in 2019.

As a Kettle Board director from 2012-2018, Brenda Lea introduced the practice of conducting public opinion research to inform strategic and operating priorities and spearheaded the rebranding effort that led to the Kettle’s current look and feel. She served as Board Chair (2014-2016)) and Governance Committee Chair (2016-2018).

Anneke Van Vliet

Kelly Montgomery

Kelly is a new member to the board, but is a long-term member of the Kettle. He calls himself an artist, with interests primarily in poetry and photography. Kelly’s dream is to get to a level of success in his creative endeavors so that he can support himself and live, permanently, in New York City.