Get involved with The Kettle Society

Make a one-time or monthly donation, make a lasting legacy gift in your will, or donate much needed items.

COVID-19’s global outbreak has been devastating for vulnerable people who don’t have a warm place to self-isolate, a safe place to sleep, family to support them or a hot meal. They need us now more than ever.

Host an event or start a fundraiser

There are endless ways you can fundraise on your own, or as part of a team!

Businesses and individuals have organized events like car washes, game nights, viewing parties, birthday parties, and customer appreciation days to support The Kettle Society. Fundraising is an exciting way to use your skills, talents and expertise.

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Become a sponsor

Partnering with The Kettle Society will give your business the opportunity to change the lives of vulnerable people living with mental illness, substance use, poverty and/or homelessness.



Volunteering at The Kettle Society is a great way to be build skills, routine, and structure, become part of a community, and help in the recovery and healing process for individuals.


Attend an event

Please note that events are currently on hold due to COVID-19 protocols. We appreciate your understanding and support while we work to keep our vulnerable population safe.


Donate items

You have the ability to change lives.

Items as simple as a beloved sweater or a pair of shoes can empower someone with confidence and quality of life. We accept donations of food, clothing, outdoor living supplies, hygiene items, and other items all year round, free of charge.