Thank you Steel & Oak!

Thank you to the women of Steel & Oak for organizing a community fundraiser for The Kettle and choosing us for your Women’s Charity Brew! This year the name of their Charity Brew was Talanoa, which is a Fijian word for sharing stories and ideas to nurture understanding and relationships.

“Those experiencing mental health and wellness challenges often lose relationships, as well as their ability to share their stories without stigma. In order to change the stigma around mental health, we need to start talking. The women of Steel & Oak encourage you to share your mental health story.”

Together with their Charity Brew and a fundraiser night, the women of Steel & Oak raised $4,386! This is enough pay for a month’s worth of hot meals out of our Mental Health Drop-In!

Thank you Steel & Oak for your kindness and generosity – you are truly making a difference in the lives of the people living with mental health challenges!