Kettle on Burrard Now Open!!

Kettle on Burrard sign

The provincial government is working with eight municipalities to create more housing with support services for people who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

In Vancouver, the Province has paid pre-development costs and provided capital funding for 14 city-owned sites. These sites will provide approximately 1,575 new supportive housing units, create more than 2,100 direct jobs, and represent a capital investment of $333.4 million. The City of Vancouver contributed all the land for the 14 sites valued at about $64 million. Through a partnership between the Province and Streetohome Foundation, the latter is providing $20 million toward the development of supportive housing on eight of the 14 sites. All of the sites are being designed to LEED Gold standards.

Non-profit societies will manage the sites and provide vital support services to the tenants. These new buildings will help homeless people move beyond temporary shelter to secure housing, gain greater self-reliance, and improve the quality of their lives.

The Kettle is grateful to have received the parcel of land located at 1134 Burrard Street, and the building will contain 141 apartment units.

In May 2014 The Kettle Society opened its new supported housing building, Kettle on Burrard. The building has 140 suites and is one of 14 City owned sites being built in Vancouver to end street homelessness. The Province of BC provided capital funding and the project had the support of the Streetohome Foundation. Kettle on Burrard has been built to LEED Gold standards.

The new building is geared towards people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and who have mental health challenges – 40 are youth/young adults. The goal is to provide tenants with a stable and safe home environment in which they can thrive. Tenants will receive support services to help them achieve their personal goals, gain greater self-reliance, and improve the quality of their lives.


2014 Land Awards Non-Profit Finalist:

Kettle On Burrard, Kettle Friendship Society


Kettle Friendship Society, in partnership with Family Services of Greater Vancouver and funding partners, redeveloped a single-storey building on city-owned land in downtown Vanouver to create a 16-storey affordable housing project that includes community and commercial space. The infill development, which incorporates green building features and is LEED Gold certified, resulted in 141 housing units for youth at risk of homelessness. It includes the original youth centre, which provides drop-in services and allows residents to access support on site.

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