Peggy's PlaceOn May 12, 1997 the Kettle Friendship Society opened Peggy’s Place, a transition house for women disabled by mental illness and who have experienced domestic violence. Peggy’s Place continues to be extremely successful with just over 95% of our residents transitioning into affordable housing after completing their program stay. (90% of all residents are homeless when they arrive at Peggy’s Place)

Our staff group is exceptional at offering the empathy and support the women need to successfully move forward in their lives. Staff’s knowledge around issues of abuse, trauma, mental health and addictions is what assists the women foremost in understanding the cycles of their lives and from there developing the skills needed for change.

During the women’s stay they are referred to trauma counseling, drug and alcohol programs, mental health supports, GP and dentists. In addition, staff supports the residents in obtaining their personal goals which include spiritual, recreational and educational endeavors.

The most rewarding experience over the past year has been by far, been the feedback from the women who reside at Peggy’s. Aside from the “nutritious delicious meals” and “comfortable room” comments we hear regularly, it is the conversations around how they feel being here that are the most telling.

“I never felt so cared about before and for the first time in my life I care about me.”

“I feel empowered to take charge back of my life and I do matter.”

“For the first time in my life I feel safe and cared for and I am actually taking enjoyment out of life.”

“You guys have saved my life; my children will have a mom again.”

These are just a very small sampling of the comments and feedback that remind us daily of the importance of the Peggy’s Place program.

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