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The Man for the Job

damianDamian Murphy has been the Homeless Outreach Worker, for the Kettle Society, for about three years. Damian duties can, loosely, be broken into two somewhat related categories.

1) He physically leaves the office to take to the streets and help people sleeping/living outside with clothing, food, water, and other things important to health and survival while also letting these folks know about the Kettle and the services that they are welcomed to utilize.
2) Helping people find suitable housing.

Damian has worked hard to build up a relationship with, if you will, the street. He has been doing his work, successfully, for so that he has built up a relationship with the homeless, with landlords, maintenance workers, with Community Policing, and with other individuals/agencies. Quite impressive is the fact that Damian knows, within 24 hours, if somebody new has located to the street. Surely, this is a testament to the qualities that Damian shows in being a person who anyone can talk to, in a non-judgmental way—a person that can be trusted so as to form relationships.
Over the last couple of years Damian has helped around 100 people find some sort of housing. Helping people find that first step of stability so they aren’t struggling for survival or dependent on a coping mechanism. He talks about how great it is to assist an individual to get them a room and a bed.

All in all, it was a pleasure to sit down for a brief talk with Mr. Murphy. I am glad that he is doing what he does, I think he is an asset to The Kettle, and it is very clear that he finds his job highly rewarding.


Meet One of our Valued Volunteers

bowlingMike Roberts has been volunteering with The Kettle for 17 years. He helps facilitate the Drop In’s Bowling Program on Tuesday afternoons. Every Tuesday morning you can find Mike busy in the Drop In collecting names of eager bowlers, then at 2pm it’s off to Grandview Lanes for 2 full games and a great time. Mike talks to us about his experience:

Q: What do you like best about facilitating the bowling group? A: Getting People out doing exercise; having a free afternoon activity that is a fun time

Q: You must be an avid bowler by now, what’s your top game? A: 236 out of 450 is my best, I average about 160-170

Q: How many people usually come along for this program? Are there any regulars? A: Yes we’ve got regulars that come along, our max is 12 people. We all play together over 2-3 lanes.

Q:What do you think is the most positive outcome of peers doing an activity together such as this? A: Getting to know new people, we are always laughing and encouraging each other. It’s a fun time and no one is criticized for how they bowl.

Q: What would you say to someone who is interested in joining a Kettle program but might be concerned they aren’t practiced enough in the activity or don’t know anyone attending? A: Feel free to show up and give it a shot; you’ll find it’s a comfortable time, we ask your name and try to get to know you and let you get to know us. We welcome new comers and it’s always great to see new faces.

The Man Behind The Kettle’s Variety Show

JamieJamie has been working in The Kettle Drop In for approximately 6 years. His larger than life personality is complimented by his kind empathetic nature and his warm infectious laughter can be heard throughout the Drop In 5 days a week.

Jamie is currently the driving force behind organizing The Kettle Drop In Center’s Variety Show which takes place roughly once every 3 months. He usually announces a show a month in advance but actual performance sign-up happens on a first come first serve basis the day of. All kinds of performances are welcome, from musical acts to poetry readings or dances. The show requires a lot of preparation. Jamie gathers and organizes volunteers to assist with decorating, setting up a make shift stage, adjusting sound equipment and gathering instruments for performers’ use.

The show receives high anticipation and is loved by members and staff alike. Jamie mentions that they usually have a large turn out for the show and have had as many as 18 performers go on in the 2 hour time frame the show works within. You can catch the next show in September 2013.